News Update 03/07/2015

Well it’s been a long time since I have updated our website but I feel like it is time to finally give you all some new news.

The collective went on hiatus for a year or so while I spent time in Japan and China but after much soul searching I recently returned to the UK hyped up to get the collective moving again.

So what’s in the pipe line?

Firstly, we are looking to have a few tape releases out this year. An I Am Homosapien side-project will be releasing a two track digital noise tape. Second will hopefully be a collaboration between The pedant and I am Homosapien with some noisy, looped based, electronic, moogy bass atmosphere.

Secondly, we are hoping to get back involved with running a few live events. More information once we have found the right place to host us. We are looking for an art space that we can use to put on exhibitions and some experimental electronic music events. If anyone knows of such a place around Reading please get in touch.

Till then thank you for your support.

News Update 03/07/2015

HHC002 Finally released!!! Svart Støy’s Debut EP!

So after a long wait I am proud to announce our first proper digital release. Svart Støy’s first EP has taken awhile to complie but I think it has been worth the wait…….. The EP is available from our bandcamp website and is currently available for free download. Please just spread the word and pass copies to your friends.


Svart Støy is Experimental Drone Ambient Classical.
Members are Rob Cooksley – Sound Design and
Bec Trower – Cellist & Mixing.


Other news……

HHC003 Svart Støy IAH Rework will be released next week. I Am Homosapien’s Svart Støy Rework EP will be available from Monday 6th August 2012 and feature a complete reworking of HHC002. The tracks have been manipulated and twisted into completely new compositions. One track was featured on the recent Double Dot Dash festival compilation last month and has recieved some good feedback.

HHC004 I Am Homosapien. No new news on when this will be released but expect something before the end of the year……

Also HHC001 Valkillmer Album is still available from Mediafire for free. 10 minutes of Thrashcore madness spanning 19 tracks. I also still have about 4 hand made/hand numbered DIY style CDR copies left for £2. If you are interested please message us at




HHC002 Finally released!!! Svart Støy’s Debut EP!

Not Dead Yet!!!!

Yeh so it has been like a year or something since the last time this page was updated. To be honest its been a little tough to keep up to date with it all seeing as currently the collective is split across half the world. I am currently in Japan until Augustdon’t expect tons of updates.

This is simply a message to say. Don’t worry we are not dead and have some ideas in the pipe line for events and possible releases later this yea. It also appears that this blog might be moved to Tumbler at some point as its a lot easier to update and work out what is going on !?!!?!

Stay tuned..


Not Dead Yet!!!!

Valkillmer Album Finally Released!!

Yes its been ages but we finally have the Valkillmer release available….

We will be doing a small run of limited edition DIY CDR copies as well as making it free to download….. 19 tracks in under 12 minutes. Bargin! The DIY CDR versions come with hand stenciled front covers and hand made cases so definatly one for people who still understand the feeling of holding a record while you listen to the music rather than surfing the net while you listen to it!

To download a copy please just click on the link below and it is all yours. We ask that you ignore rules on file sharing and hand it to as many people as you feel need some fast thrashcore in their lives…..


1. Trust

2. All Your Worth

3. Bitten Fingers

4. Poison (Not Alice Cooper)

5. Why Do I Even Bother

6. Fuck The E.D.L

7. What You Waiting For?

8. In Response To Burglary

9. Dick*

10. Sharks

11. Sticks And Stones Will Break Our Bones But Guns Will Kill Us Faster

12. Forgotten Generation

13. Neanderthal Man

14. To The Gods

15. Bullshit

16. Valkillmer Coming To Get Ya!

17. Eyes

18. Life Waster

19. Globalise This!

Download Link

Other News….

I Am Homosapien continues to work on new material. A recent remix of a Stoltz tune called The Choice has been causing a small stir of late and looks set to feature in a film later this year… More news as it arrives on that one. The remix can be heard and downloaded below….

Valkillmer Album Finally Released!!

Editions Of You……

I Am Homosapien will be appearing at a great month of D.I.Y. music being held in Oxford at the 03 Gallery. The lads at Double Dot Dash are holding a showcase evening on 14th April 2011 which will run from 6 until 9!! I can’t wait never played in a castle before!!!

The line up consists of some quality Reading based D.I.Y artists……

WILD SWIMMERS – The lovely Mark Knight’s new project

TODDLERS – Double Dot Dash ‘House Band’ Quality Instrumental Bass and Drum Duo

I AM HOMOSAPIEN – ‘Noise/Ambient stuff from the Valkillmer main man’

14th April 2011 @03 Gallery, Oxford Castle, New Road, Oxford OX1 1AY

DURATION : 6pm – 9pm


Heres the link to their website. They are also running a zine fair which is on the 9th April and will include a stall from the guys at Double Dot Dash so head down and check it out if you fancy so zine awesomeness!

In other news I Am Homosapien is set to record for two days during April which will hopefully constitute my side og the I Am Homosapien/The Pedant split. The Pedant is currently shifting through over a years worth of recordings to find some gems for us so it should be a great release if I get my shit together!

Valkillmer have just finished a couple of shows including a great line up at the butler last weekend are now off to record before hopefully a mini tour during the summer…. I’ll keep you posted.

Until then…………………

Editions Of You……